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A holistic approach to secure the automotive ecosystem.

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Current State

Current State

With the increase of interconnectedness, complexity, and automation of vehicles, the risk of cyber-attacks is rising.

Particularly relevant in this context are

  • functions such as connection to cloud services
  • applications
  • wireless updates of vehicle electronics
  • data exchange between vehicles and their environment

Cybersecurity is becoming a core requirement for vehicles and their components and legislators have started to respond to this. Regulations and standards such as UNECE and ISO 21434 are obligating manufacturers, tier 1&2 suppliers, as well as other partners in the eco-system to take digital security into account. At the same time, companies and their internal IT structures and production environments are under immense pressure with regard to cyber-attacks. This means that all market participants are facing several major challenges simultaneously.

Smart & secure solutions and joint efforts are of the essence!



  • secure.AUTOMOTIVE.INDUSTRIES (SAI) is a thematic platform with the goal of securing the digital automotive future through collaborative and interactive efforts.
  • SAI brings together representatives from different areas within the automotive world to work on challenges and projects.
  • SAI acts together with partners and contributors in various activities such as SAI events, participation in trade shows & conventions (e.g. with bayme vbm at Automatica 2022), and R&D projects.
  • SAI bundles experience, skills, and capacities in joint projects to deliver smart solutions to companies – from medium-sized businesses to large corporations. #AutomotiveCyberSecurity

SAI projects & activities

it-sa expo

25th-27th October
in Nuremberg

Hall 7
Booth 302

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Munich Cyber Security Program – Project #AutomotiveCyberSecurity

R&D projects with the following focus topics:
  • Security regulations
  • Security architecture
  • Vulnerabilities & security Incidents

Automatica 2022
21st-24th of June

A Holistic Security Approach
  • Secure products
  • Secure production
  • Secure ecosystem
Joint booth with bayme vbm.

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